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Mitch Alland
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Re: Leica M8/M9/X1 Picture Thread

lenticular11 wrote:
mitch - fantastic colour in those Burmese shots. Happily, the people seem better-dressed than I expected (I am NOT commenting on fashion )

lenticular11, thanks for the kind words. As I have raved in various posts in various forums, I love the color one can easily get from the M9 (even for night photography, by shooting at ISO 640 and pushing in Lightroom 5). The shots above were taken on a heavily overcast day with a very low cloud ceiling, which, whether you\'re shooting film or digital, can produce beautiful, saturated color. In such light, it\'s easy to get the exposure right and I could have used most of these shots straight out of the camera. I only made minor adjustments (in Lightroom 5)m, pressing Auto and then bringing exposure back to what it was OOC and increasing Presence slightly. Also for most of the shots I made minor adjustment in the white balance, or none at all.

I also like the rendering of the Summicron-35v4 — this was the first time that I\'ve shot with it in color on the M9. While I have in recent years preferred the 28mm focal length to 35mm, in the markets of the Shan State towns I visited there was so much congestion, so many people in rather narrow paths or walkways, that I quickly found that, by having to shoot closer up with the 28mm (as I usually do), there is so much going on in the frame (of vision) that the photographer cannot keep track of it all when trying \"to make sense of a complex scene,\" because one has to see things both to the left and the right at the same, and the angle of view to the edges is just wide to make sense of the scene — I mean not looking through the viewfinder, but looking at the scene before bringing the camera up to your face. Using the 35mm lens solved all that.

Although I haven\'t been to Rangoon, I\'m told that there\'s much more dire poverty there than in the Shan State. If the people in these pictures did not have appropriate clothing because the temperature in the morning was 10–15°C, and less for those who came down from higher altitude hills.

—Mitch/Chiang Mai
Chiang Tung Days [download link for pdf file of book project]

Jan 24, 2014 at 08:34 AM

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