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Re: Autumn Glory

Ben, since you asked...

... while I like the rich texture and colors of this scene and the way it presents the feeling of the rainy conditions you describe, for me the composition does not work as well as do many of your photographs. I\'m trying to put my finger on just what it is that I\'m reacting to, and I\'m not certain, though there are a lot of individually strong elements in the frame that are difficult to link together into a fully satisfying whole. The beautiful trees is, for me, the central point of interest... but the angled mass of the foreground mossy rock seems more like it is blocking and overwhelming it than supporting it. The light area in the cliff face may be the distraction that you are concerned about, though that seems less of an issue to me than the foreground.

I don\'t know if this is the case for you and this photograph, but it makes me think of some photographs of mine that I really want to love - they are of places or times that mean a lot, the experience of being in the place was powerful, they contain a beautiful primary subject - but which don\'t yet quite fall together the way I hoped.

One photographer\'s reaction, and others may differ - in fact, others who posted above already have differed! ;-)

Take care,


Dec 22, 2013 at 03:54 PM

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