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Re: Sony A7 and A7r Images and Discussion

Sneakyracer wrote:
Vern Dewit wrote:
michaelwatkins wrote:
I sent a note to Brian asking if he could post some shots of subject matter other than billboards and also include a comparison at 18mm with the Zeiss ZM18/4 which he has previously declared \"OK\" on the A7r. I would re-buy the ZM18 if it met expectations.

I doubt it will. I\'m selling mine after a disappointing outing. Here\'s a before and after shot just to show you what to expect...

The color cast (and vignetting) is VERY easy to fix. Just shoot a frame holding a white plexi in front of the lens (flush). Then open the files using Capture One pro (when it supports the A7/R) and make an LCC (lens cat correction) of the shot with the white plexi. Link all files to that LCC. Voila, all casts should be removed. You do have to make an image for LCC at each aperture setting you use since the cast will change with changes in aperture.

I have been shooting sunrise and sunset over the last couple of days with my C/Y primes on an A7r. The 18/4 was terrible - so much vignetting on some shots the Lightroom sliders could not go far enough to fix it. Less noticeable on 28/2.8 and 35/2.8 but still there and seems to vary with the direction of the bright area of sky as well as aperture so impossible to correct perfectly. The 35 is fine if you point it away from the light, haven\'t checked the others but there are good 18/4 shots on here so I think it\'s light, not lens, causing the problem.

This also shows up in shots from other people using the Zeiss FE 35/2.8 so it\'s not that my lenses are incompatible, there\'s something else going on. dearsusan is one example.

I\'m extremely disappointed, especially as I\'ve just sold my NEX-7 with 10-18 at a loss after a year of ownership. To pay this money for a camera with this kind of problem is not funny.

Dec 08, 2013 at 07:00 PM

  Previous versions of hrossm's message #11987760 « Sony A7 and A7r Images and Discussion »