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Re: Noise

JimboCin wrote:
I have tried all of them too, and agree that Topaz is the best ...

that is, it WAS the best. It is now bettered by the noise reduction in DxO Optics Pro 9 PRIME.

Look here.

There is a fully functional free download available:

Two issues with DxO Pro 9 and PRIME:

- It costs $199 for the full ELITE edition through November 20, then its $299.

- On my computer, it takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes for PRIME to process a single image (there is an exceptionally small crop window that allows the effect to be viewed in 10 seconds or so).

So I can imagine for most people and most applications realistically Topaz is still the best (within reason).


I can download it and put it to the test on some SLR/C files on my laptop ... should only take about 3 hours per image on my old laptop.

WOW ... really 15-20 minutes per image. Obviously not oriented for event / production work. I\'ll give it a go I\'m sure I can shoot the SLR/C @ max ISO 800 in low light. Oughta be a torture test of sorts. Actually, here it is with outdoor night band 1D II N @ 3200 shots first. No adjustments of any kind to program settings or file other than selecting no NR, High NR or PRIME NR (at defaults).

Nov 19, 2013 at 10:13 PM

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