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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Thank you Peter, Samy, Ronny, Dean and Steve
Samy This one really shines and you also did a great job photographing the people. Especially the African Dance!

Rafael beautiful colors. I always welcome your theater photos. They are nicely exposed! BTW I love your Vet!
Weasle this one has great colors and what a beautiful dog. Your car photos are exciting especially the Mustang. I have always loved them!
Chin this pano may very well be my favorite of yours. I almost feel like I am there!
John family photos are so much fun and your girls are adorable. You, not so much
Leighton I so admire your B&W photos and the colors in the table photo are terrific but I especially love the smile you captured in this one!

Great shots Steve I really love the bikes all lined up and the ones that are hanging!
Scott I think this one sparkles. I love the softness of what I am sure is a thundering sound

Peter this one had great clarity.
Buddy I keep coming back to your first photo. I find it so appealing and rich in color and DOF
Curtis is is great to see you bearing so wonderful photos. The yellows in that first shot are delicious. Feel free to drop by anytime
Alan you little family is growing so fast. Thanks for sharing and don\'t be such a stranger!
Georg this one is very special. You are really making me miss my D7000

Nov 18, 2013 at 04:47 PM

  Previous versions of MDoc9523's message #11941899 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »