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Mark Metternich
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Re: Spirit Roaring

Spirit Roaring

Last spring, during my workshops to the area I thought up a number of new ideas to try to shoot Spirit Falls (all but this one yet accomplished). After finishing, I was compelled to return for 3 days in a row of considerable failing. Finally, I pulled this one off. The logistics where challenging including harnessing up for safety, and Gorilla taping my camera onto the end of a pole to get the angle I wanted. Maybe the biggest challenge was the constant bombardment of immense spray coming from this roaring cascade. I named the image \"Spirit Roaring\" because of the deafening roar of being right next to this huge wall of dazzling blue water. The word “awesome” does not do the experience justice. During my 2nd and 3rd attempts I became smart enough to actually wear earplugs to protect my hearing! 

As always, there are more details on my Facebook page.

Techie stuff:

Canon 5D Mark 2
Canon 16-35L2 @ 16mm
1/10th second
Circular Polarizer

The image is a single raw file processed mainly in Lightroom 5 Raw, then imported into Photoshop CS6 for fine tuning. A slight perspective blend was used to correct the angle it was shot at, my innovative \"Blend if\" techniques were used (in LAB’s L) for various types of tonal blending/control as well as advanced, very subtle, dodging and burning and as always a full \"Color Balance\" treatment was used to get global and local colors corrected (in the Layers “Color” mode so tones/contrast don\'t change).

*As always, most accurately viewed on a carefully calibrated monitor using Safari, Firefox or Chrome.
Thank you for looking and your feedback!

Nov 17, 2013 at 05:51 AM

  Previous versions of Mark Metternich's message #11938577 « Spirit Power »