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Re: Ricoh reveals 24MP Pentax K-3 IS DSLR

treebeard wrote:
Articulated screen? IMHO one more thing to break on a camera.

Given the \"ruggedized\" approach to the Pentax ... imo, the articulating screen would be counter-philosophical .

I dig the viewing angle an articulated screen can provide, but as long as there is an angle finder option available (mine is welded to the SLR/C) ... or now the wi-fi remote viewing ... a different viewing angle is still attainable. I think those who want the Pentax, as a camera built to be mighty little tank (junior 1D Series) with weather sealing, etc., for the field, can both respect and appreciate the decision of Pentax to forgo an articulated screen. I mean, do you really want to get jostled by a mob or a linebacker with your with your screen flipped ... or lose your footing on a rock/trail/stream and smack that flipped screen against a branch or the ground? Imo, not so much.

I\'ve been in the FF camp for many reasons and don\'t get enthused by incremental change. 36MP on a camera built to last could well serve the next 10 years (or more). My 1D Series and SLR/C 14MP have served well (vintage 2004 era) as I still currently use the SLR/C as my main body @ 99%. Despite going from FF to APS-C ... the K3 could be a nice consolidation of rugged/speed and IQ such that I no longer choose between the 1D Series performance build vs. great detail (no AA) / color (Kodak).

Going from 8MP & 14MP to 36MP would be anything but \"incremental\". I could be fine with the 24MP of the K5 IIs (second body okay), but the additional features of the K3 (dual cards, etc.) are more than just some extra bells & whistles.

I just have to figure out my glass lineup (and which of my alt glass I have to say goodbye to). I think my most bothersome lenses to replace in the K mount are going to be finding a solution to replicate the 24L TS-E II and the Oly 18. If I can get that figured out, the Pentax platform could align well with my ideologies, despite the initial attraction to the A7R.

Nov 12, 2013 at 03:48 PM

  Previous versions of RustyBug's message #11928130 « Ricoh reveals 24MP Pentax K-3 IS DSLR »