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Re: Leica R Series Lenses

zhangyue wrote:

I said that in a sense of relative size difference between body and lens. I am not sure how the body will handle heavy lens like 35&80lux, since those are not meant to be tripod lens. I also preorder their grip just for that reason.

For Leica R, I feel A7 might be better ticket for potentially good matching for Leica 1.4 lens with good rendering. and you don\'t need microlens and can have electrical fist curtain and better shutter etc.... also might have better color potentially, possibly based on images seen so far.

Why I got A7R? I don\'t really know I usually prefer camera have better physical build with strong body and dial. and 36M seems good as a specialized tool for traveling. plus, I love their native lens so far, I might get that 35 as a warm up and using some of my Leica M glass: make it 2nd body for a poor man\'s Leica with even better performance. I especially want to see how my two Leica R zoom looks like. (21-35 and 80-200)

As for Adapter, I have a fotodiox F to E and plan to get Novaflex F to e and R to e with their tripod collar. It will be handy for landscape shooting at vertical since my ball head is not sturdy enough for that.

Hope I answer your question well.

LZ, what a great one! thanks for sharing.
Roni, I love that first one, well processed.
Jack, beautiful as always. I fully agree with A7 fever going on here

add a funny photo from 35cron with 6D

For some reason I like this photo of your son in the playground smiling. He enjoyed it, I can tell.

Thanks for your info. I\'m keen to know if there\'s a tripod collar in the adapter, do you still need another one for big lens like 80-200. Will it balanced well.

Nov 07, 2013 at 08:03 AM

  Previous versions of shute's message #11917196 « Leica R Series Lenses »