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Bob Jarman
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Re: Last rose of season & Halloween fun

Oregon Gal wrote:
When I saw the rose last night my first reaction was I like the image. Now if I ask myself why, in my case it\'s the softness of the rose, the pastel colors and the darkened, highly vignetted look. Noise, underexposure is slightly visible on this size image but it\'s doesn\'t distract from the image. Yes, I would like slightly more sharpness and depth of field but it doesn\'t make it an unpleasant image. My feelings are dependent on the subject matter, lighting and overall presentation. Now let\'s take your second image, it\'s technically correct but doesn\'t evoke any emotion. I would classify the image as a static snapshot recording a moment in time.

So while each image will appeal to people for different reasons it doesn\'t make them unpleasant because of faults in the case of the first.

Well said, and I agree completely with the WTH snapshot of #2, which, having debated about deleting it , does serve to demonstrate.

Thank you for the well-thought and helpful response. Again, I have no intent to point fingers - I am as prone as anyone else to criticize technique: guilty.

Now, the back-story is my recent acquisition of the Fuji and immersion into street images, technique, blogs, etc. Initially I found most unpleasant technically - poor focus, too much contrast, you get the idea - but have come to appreciate them as something (to me) having a particular appealing aesthetic. Much akin to Scotch - an acquired taste. And, I have also realized photographing that genre is not within my psyche.

And, I don\'t mean to foreclose other\'s ideas - please jump into the conversation.


Nov 01, 2013 at 02:36 PM

  Previous versions of Bob Jarman's message #11903778 « Last rose of season & Halloween fun »