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Re: Sony A7R sensor gets high scores from DxOMark

Tariq Gibran wrote:
Mescalamba wrote:
douglasf13 wrote:
sebboh wrote:
Lee Saxon wrote:
Why post the meaningless, totally made up DXO \"Scores\" instead of the charts that are actually useful?

Also seems the D800 sensor is an (imperceptible in photos) smidge better. I would\'ve expected the opposite from a newer camera even if it used the same or nearly the same sensor.

nikon always seems to score a smidge better than sony when they use the same sensor. same with pentax.

Iliah Borg, who does the color profiling for RPP, used to talk quite a bit about the differences in the CFAs that the various camera companies use, and how Sony sacrifices a bit of high ISO performance for better color with a less transparent CFA. I\'m not sure how one gleans that from DXO Mark, though.

D3x vs A900 for example. D600 vs A99 (but thats a bit unfair due A99 SLT design). Well, they dont do that anymore, A7r is proof. Same colors as D800E, same results as D800E. I guess they were tired of making something that only few appreciate. Im sure it will work for them tho. It does for Canon for quite some time..

5 points difference is visible, 10 points is more or less obvious, 15 points is striking. Dont believe? Unless you are colorblind, compare pics from 1Ds MK3 vs 6D under daylight. Or if someone wants more striking result, A900 or A99 vs 6D.

So, you disagree with what theSuede writes with regard to this topic which I just quoted? A coincidence doesn\'t automatically lead to a correlation (your examples).

I think the 6D vs 1Ds3 is like 15 points or something though.

Oct 31, 2013 at 11:14 PM

  Previous versions of skibum5's message #11902609 « Sony A7R sensor gets high scores from DxOMark »