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Tariq Gibran
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Re: Sony A7R sensor gets high scores from DxOMark

zhangyue wrote:
No, I won\'t take SMI score as a bible. I sure will take this a grain of salt. but seems the quote you referred imply that score is not irrelevant.

But a camera with SMI80 will almost certainly be a lot better than the camera with SMI60.\"

It is a good indication. and coincidentally, the camera having high SMI score also happen to have a good reputation of color reproduction: A900, 1DsIII etc.. and camera has low SMI score also happen to have many complain, ignore the list here

Conceptually, this isn\'t that hard to understand as once the signal is captured in raw, whatever profile you choose just have to boost different color channel to target color, the more gain you have to applied, the harder to achieve target color. Especially for something involve very subtle tonality change such as skin tone....

The same terminology can also be used in audio world, that mixer (boost/attenuate different frequency signal) can never achieve the sound as good as the time of recording it right.

If I have to choose RX1 now, I will choose regular version just based on this \'huge\' SMI score difference than little sharpness gain.

Yes, but which cameras are we discussing that have a SMI difference of 20 points? That is where we know the SMI matters according to theSuede. If we are talking only 5 points, he specifically makes the case that we don\'t know if the camera with the higher score actually has more accurate color than the one with the lower score or vice versa. Thus, SMI is practically irrelevant because we are not comparing cameras with a huge SMI delta..at least that\'s what I take from what theSuede wrote - SMI can\'t reliably be used as an accurate indicator or color accuracy when the delta between the cameras in question is low (which seems to be the case with almost all current cameras).

Oct 31, 2013 at 11:08 PM

  Previous versions of Tariq Gibran's message #11902592 « Sony A7R sensor gets high scores from DxOMark »