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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Birding with the 16 fisheye, novel use for that lens Jay, and very well done indeed!!

Mitch, those little birds are tough. Good try with the 200 f4, you may need to bump up the shutter speed even higher for those unstable critters.

Steve, the Transamerica building is neat, but that image of the gentleman sitting beyond the pond is simply outstanding!!!

Petur from Iceland, the 10.5cm f4 T will do well in your collection. It needs no AI conversion at all. Its preset aperture mechanism is in the rings at the front of the lens, and the rear mount has no protrusion to file down. So it fits without any modification to the D800, and I would think to all other Nikon FX and DX slrs. A corollary is that there is no communication of the aperture setting to the camera, and I am left wondering which aperture I used. The lens is fun to use, and I need to get more creative in trying out different apertures. The bokeh is not has smooth as that of the contemporary 10.5 f2.5 P, but has more \"character\". The rendering seems to be very different in some situations.

Oct 28, 2013 at 11:26 PM

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