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Re: Canon EOS-1D X Firmware 2.0

StillFingerz wrote:
skibum5 wrote:
Two questions:

why not the EC for AutoISO for the 5D3?
why not the AI Servo tune-up for the 5D3?

Canon has a very jumpy user base and it doesn\'t make Canon marketing and the Canon system look any better in their userbase\'s eyes.

They\'ve been dribbling out a working AutoISO for more than a decade now! Such a trivial little thing that other makers have had working even in Rebel-level bodies for ages. And Canon still thinks it needs to be some \'astonishing\' 1DX-level only feature?? Name me one person who bought a 1DX instead of a lower model simply because of AutoISO.

And while 5D3 AF is great for one shot and pretty solid for AI Servo, I have had some weird things with AI Servo quite a few times and it sure would be interesting to see if these AF fixes would fix them up. I\'ve had a lot of strange failures when large subjects fill most of the VF and move at slow and slightly unsteady paces where the AF is tossed out of focus, randomly every other frame for no apparent reason and a number of other odd things that have kept the keeper rate down to merely good instead of the amazing I\'d hoped I see the more and more I\'ve been getting to shoot more action with it.

But if the 5D3 is supposed to have the same AF as the 1DX other than for the RGB meter assisted mode, then why does the 5D3 not rate the AF tune-up?

(granted it would be hard to install a new firmware until ML managed to get RAW video ported over to it though, migh thave to swap back and forth depending upon what the main targets for the day are, I guess)

They\'re not the same. The 1DX\'s AF has an extra CPU, Canon is just giving their \'FLAGSHIP\' model an expensive update due to feedback from the field, \'real use\' not just pre-sales testing. They seem to be listening to the folks that use both both X and C bodies. Perhaps 1DX and 1DC owners just yell louder then 5D3 owners do

The 1DX only uses the DIGIC IV chip when you set it to the AF mode that uses color info from the RGB metering system, so as I said, the same AF other than for that mode.

(although I guess since the mirror black out and fps are different they might have to tune a few parameters a touch differently, I don\'t know if the slower fps and longer blackout cancel out and make it like the 1DX or not quite; I guess they might have to retweak a few things for the 5D3 version and, potentially, a couple settings might not apply due to the already lower fps on the 5D3, although then again maybe the longer mirror blackout puts it back into a similar scenario?)

I don\'t know that they yell louder, they just don\'t want to lose any face with the serious sports crowd who almost jumped ship after the 1D3 (many did, for a while at least) and they have to respond to that, the 5D3 user they can get away with not responding to on this since they can still point to it working better overall than on the 5D2 or 7D.

Oct 22, 2013 at 11:19 PM

  Previous versions of skibum5's message #11881809 « Canon EOS-1D X Firmware 2.0 »