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Re: Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G announced

snapsy wrote:
zhangyue wrote:
snapsy wrote:
jhinkey wrote:
snapsy wrote:
Nikon France posted full-sized versions of the samples.


The nighttime cityscape at f/1.4 on the D800 looks particularly impressive.

Not when you look at the corners - still a lot of coma. (though way way better than my 50/1.2 AIS).

It will be interesting to see the comparison shots between the 58/1.2 and the new 58/1.4G.

There is coma but I wouldn\'t characterize it as a lot. Seems rather modest to my eyes.

WO at 100% in the image above link is decent but far away from sharp.(I can think of many f1.4 lens will outperform this one) Bokeh and DOF transition is wonderful though. Coma for sure from its bokeh highlight! but no much cat eye, so mechanic vignette is indeed small as Nikon claimed. the f1.4 landscape shot show decent sharpness indicate it will perform better at longer distance just as many fast glass do like Leica 50lux ASPH, Zeiss Planar etc..
A decent lens, but $1700, I don\'t think so....you can\'t sell \'rendering\' this much

The only F mount lens I\'ve seen that can produce edges as sharp as that 58mm photo at f/1.4 is the Sigma 35mm

I forget to mention that f1.4 performance, yes it is indeed have good cross frame performance. from my lens collection, only 50lux M ASPH can outperform it on 3/4 of frame.

This might be a good candidate night lens for shooting sky at f1.4, in that sense, it is Noct II, (zeiss 55 will outperform it easily.) but how many people need this kind of f1.4 cross frame performance?

considering it is not at the level of Otus Zeiss yet, whose performance at f1.4 can beat many f2.8 cross frame. certainly not in this case.

I love its looks but a tough sell is my opinion.

Oct 17, 2013 at 04:44 PM

  Previous versions of zhangyue's message #11869779 « Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G announced »