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Re: Zeiss Lens Photos and Discussion

Gary Clennan wrote:
Yeah - that Volvo is a sweet car. What model and year is that? I will be looking for a car to restore (in the next 5yrs) and this model/year would be great!

Thanks Gary! You dont want to get me started on this one really ;-) but it\'s the Volvo P1800. In this case the S version. Very brief, this is a -64. Production started in England -61 with crappy quality so it moved to Sweden -63. 1964 is the last model with bull horns (something I wanted) and improved interior (63-64). The model survived til early 70\'s but then - if you ask me - some of the original 60\'s charm was gone trim-wise.

The car has an ever-lasting engine/gear box, the \"B18, fitted with twin SU carbs\" has become an international record breaker. It\'s unbeatable. An American teacher, Irv Gordon, just passed 3.000.000 miles in the car he bought -65. There\'s a lot on youtube on that.

Though having a lot more HP than majority of contemporary british Triumphs/MGs, cars like VW Karmann-Ghia or Italian Alfa Romeos and similar, Volvo never marketed is as a sports car, rather sort of a reliable GT. It was not in the league of the Jaguar E-types or Italian full-bloods but captured a pocket somewhere in between those camps.

In case you do get an interest for this Volvo let me know, I\'d be happy to provide info on what to look for. And perhaps check out my blog (in Swedish I\'m afraid) - but the top post currently is about another American with a -62 recently winning an vintage class race in Elkhart Lake over various Brits/Porsches and such. Movie is HD and a worthwhile watch for anyone with a vintage car interest. Filmed from a TR4 with start pos #1, the Volvo passes just after start and is visible in front throughout the race :-) http://wilhelmfrank.web.surftown.se/volvoWP/

Oct 13, 2013 at 09:01 PM

  Previous versions of wfrank's message #11860761 « Zeiss Lens Photos and Discussion »