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Re: Leica M8/M9/X1 Picture Thread

Thank you Ryan Ryan, you will love the M240, just for the ergonomics alone! I have not really picked up the M-M, for the same reason.

Allen, wow... superb composition. Beautiful balance of shade with light
Katie, love the portrait!
Ryan, wonderful set!

Rocky, stunning portrait! Almost an oil painting in the rendering.

Thank you Jabber My preference is the 50 perspective, and I find I don\'t like the 35 as much. If I need to go wider now, I usually opt for the 24 Lux/21 SEM. So I have ended up with the 50 Lux/50 Nocti f/1.0 and 50 Cron Rigid DR. The 50 Lux is great, but I prefer the 50 Cron Rigid rendering style.

For those interested, I have just received some photo last night on the modification for the 50 Cron Rigid DR. These were sent by Camera Clinic in Melbourne, with two options. The photos have been approved to be shown here

One is to mill the edge of the near focusing cam so it does not impinge on the M9/M240 body in normal focusing mode beyond 4m. With the M240 you have a fully functional macro mode, that will still be activated by the focusing ring in LV. Of course the calibration for the RF mode will be not correct any longer. The RF calibration for normal mode is unaffected, and I have found the calibration to be very accurate, even after 55 years!

Two is to modify the body of the M9/M240, milling a small radius into the body. This is great if you wish to leave the the lens unmodified, and will also work perfectly both in Macro and Normal mode.

Sep 27, 2013 at 12:57 AM

  Previous versions of charles.K's message #11830031 « Leica M/X/T/S/Q Picture Thread »