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ben egbert
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Re: Is this believable?

newhaven wrote:
Ben, why do you use color balance to set black and white points?. I use curves, and some people use levels, but I've never seen color balance except over on the photo critique forum. RGB 5,5,5 is too dark to print and 254, 254, 254 is clipping. It would be better select a black point where there is some texture and the print or web value would be noticeable. Also, make sure you color markers are not set to point sample.

Good question. I have used curves (eyedropper for black and white) in the past to expand the histogram and when it changes color too much I set it to luminance. But in this case color balance worked good too. I watch my neutrals to make sure they don't go out of whack.

The images tend to lack depth and contrast if I don't make a good black point.

I will look for the color marker is not set to point next time, and I may drop the white point back to around 250.

Sep 15, 2013 at 06:02 PM

  Previous versions of ben egbert's message #11808018 « Is this believable? »