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Re: Mustang Air to Air: The Sequel

JWilsonphoto wrote:
Hi Guys and Gals,

I\'m going to be a bit scarce for a bit, lot\'s happening, all more than good. I have secured rooms at the Allen Marriott Courtyard for Wed/Thurs/Mon evenings. There\'ll be a keyword that will get you the preferred rate. Normal rate is $149, HQ rate should be $119.

I have an annual report shoot early Wednesday morning that will probably take me to noon, then I\'ll head to HQ for prep. Zim, as always, your spot in the hangar will be spotless and waiting. Glenn, if you would like, I\'ll put 7PC on the lift and there\'ll be a spot for your ride as well.

Al, I answered your lens question a while back........go with the 400, you\'ll have close to 300 with your 70-200 and the 1.4.

Any other questions pertaining to our activities, let me know. Quite possibly, with my workload, that Friday evening will be the only air to air that will include additional photographers.

I have made arrangements for The Spirit of Alliance to be positioned in a discreet spot for some evening lighting and shooting opportunities. This will take some discretion due to the location and the small number of folks who will be included in the opportunity(and you know who you are. More as I know more.

Sounds good, Jim. Please see if you can add Sunday to the Allen Marriott special rate. If I get down there in the Remos, I\'ll plan to leave it at HQ until Monday morning, and overnight in Allen on Sunday, like last year.

Sep 13, 2013 at 02:12 AM

  Previous versions of stevezzzz's message #11803521 « Mustang Air to Air: The Sequel »