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Re: Mustang Air to Air: The Sequel

Thanks Jo!

This is my week for false starts. I had an 8am shoot, got there and the building wasn\'t anywhere near ready to shoot. Second such scenario since Monday. Decided that instead of getting all twisted up about it, I\'d just go fly the Cub. Took it over to Legend for it\'s annual and a good factory going over. My friends at Legend are wonderful, they put me in the new Super Legend prototype and I headed back to HQ. The Super is quite an airplane, flies much different than my Legend. It\'s basically a light Sport Super Cub. The ground roll on mine is petty short, the SL is a helicopter. When you advance the throttle, you had better have all your ducks in a row, because you are in the air. Flaps are fun, but I really like how the Legends handle without them, they get very light on their feet, even with a notch. Three notches allows you to land at speeds that give you absolutely no rudder authority whatsoever, dicey in a taildrager especially. One notch gives you a ground roll of about 25\' on departure, which would get you in and out of some pretty short strips.

The factory SL is equipped with a Garmin 696 and a digital engine monitoring system, ground adjustable composite prop, float fittings, and tundra tires. The cocpit is trimmed with carbob fiber, stick push pull tubes are all faired in with carbon fiber, very nice. Legend is working on what will be a beautiful amphibian float design, carbon fiber I believe. The airplane should be certificated in the next couple of weeks, which means that they are probably going to want it back We\'re going to have them build us at least one, probably two.

Sep 04, 2013 at 09:19 PM

  Previous versions of JWilsonphoto's message #11785985 « Mustang Air to Air: The Sequel »