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Re: 70D DxoMark results

Well it is insanely far behind the D7100 for DR and this time (as expected at low ISO at least from my masked area measurement) not just at low ISO but at high ISO too. And the color sensitivity is miles behind too so they seem to be cheating the CFA filter again and Nikon seems to have been able to really purify it while still maintaining top SNR, hmm then again looking at the metamerism index it is only a couple points behind the D7100 for daylight and actually 1 point ahead for tungsten (and only one point behind the 7D for daylight and actually 4 points ahead for tungsten). It\'s odd that the color sensitivity score is so far behind considering that, since usually those two track hand in hand fairly well. The colors might actually be a nit more pure under artificial lighting for the 70D than from the D7100 even if the chroma SNR is noticeable worse.

Hopefully this isn\'t the new 180 process and if it is hopefully it was basically just a focus on PDAF and not DR. DR is Canon\'s troublesome spot.

OTOH it does seem to be 1/3 to even 2/3rds of a stop better for luminance SNR than the 7D (there graphs do kinda get bendy a bit so I\'m sure they have at least +/-1/6th stop error at each data point) which is a decent SNR jump and at least they got it without losing any more color discrimination (it actually improved for artificial lighting), it is right at the very top of class for luminance SNR (and considerably better than the 5D2 per sensor area, so it should really, really whomp the 5D2 for reach limited shooting no matter what the lighting and ISO), although the chroma SNR seems to be about the same. And it does have slightly better high ISO DR than the 7D.

Half stop worse DR at ISO200 than the 7D is odd though.

Aug 28, 2013 at 08:24 PM

  Previous versions of skibum5's message #11771548 « Canon EOS 70D DXOMark results »