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Re: Leica R Series Lenses

JaKo wrote:
Thank you Jim, Manu, Michael, Philippe and others for your comments and \'Likes\'

Personally I feel I am closing on my minimal R \'collection\' with the exception of perhaps Summilux-R 50 E60, thanks to you Alex, and Walter Mandler\'s last needed piece the Summicron-R 90 [although Almas brings a dilemma of photographic uniqueness vs. optical perfection (Summicron-R 90 vs. APO-Summicron-R 90mm f/2 ASPH)] but otherwise I will stick to learning ups & downs of my current R glass for a while.

Great weekend to you, gents!

LoL @ JaKo. The most comfortable Leica R lenses on the D800/E are the 90AA, the 50/1.4 E60, Lux80 and the 28/2.8 VII E55. Having said that, I am too much busy at doing other shoots to try the remaining R glass.

I have both the CO 60/4 and the 90AA and much prefer the 90AA color rendition and as far as I am concerned, the 90AA sets the standard much more than the CO 60/4 as THE reference lens.
You should not compare the Cron 90 with the 90AA as they have nothing in common besides the focal length and aperture. Totally different glass and formula.

Enjoy this one.

Aug 18, 2013 at 03:49 PM

  Previous versions of Almass's message #11750118 « Leica R Series Lenses »