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Tim Kuhn
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40,000th POST!!!!!

Hello friends! Here I am at 40,000 posts on Fred Miranda Wow itís hard to believe I have been here so long and have posted so many times. This has been an incredible journey for me, I have learned so much along the way about photography, people, animals, different parts of the world and who knows what else. I have made many friends, met and shot with a heck of a lot of you. There have been some members that have meant a lot to me that have passed away and the forum is the poorer for those loses, we have to take the good with the sad thatís just part of life. Other members have moved on as their interests have changed while other members have joined and added their own special gifts to the mix. I looked back in time at my 10k post to see who was here and who has left; it turns out about 50% from that post are still active members that says a lot about you dedication and love for this art form. This forum is different than the rest, we have true friendships here and to me thatís what makes this place special. For those that taught and still continue to teach me, thank you, I am indebted to you. To those whose images made me say Wow, put a smile on my face, inspired me or captured my imagination, thank you. All of you make this place what it is, a positive oasis that brings a bunch of us from all around the world together to share our passion. Thank you my friends

Fred, I owe you the biggest thank you of all for creating this wonderful forum, you have brought together some extremely talented and amazing people and created a terrific venue for us to share the activity we all love so much. Thank you Mr Miranda.

Here is a favorite recent photo that I took with both current, future and past FMers to mark the occasion.


Aug 16, 2013 at 02:49 PM

  Previous versions of Tim Kuhn's message #11746383 « 40,000th POST!!!!! »