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Re: D600 Sensor

JimFox wrote:
hijazist wrote:
beaveras wrote:
Don\'t want to deal with cleaning. If so, I\'ll go with the D800. Thanks

I\'d go with a D800 in a heartbeat if that\'s the case

But if the OP changes lenses at all, one still has to clean the D800... I have both, the D800 I check regularly since I shoot the most with it and change the lenses the most. I am cleaning dust off the sensor several times a month. No big deal, been cleaning sensors on DSLR\'s for years now, it\'s part of owning a DSLR.

WIth the D800 though I only have to use the Visibledust Artic Butterfly, it works like a charm. But with the D600 it\'s oil that get\'s on the sensor, so it\'s wet cleaning to clean it up. I checked and had to clean mine after every trip. I don\'t shoot it as much, but I had to clean mine first at approx 1000 shots, and about every 1000 shots since. It\'s close to 4000 shots now and the oil spray has lessened. But it\'s still hitting especially the upper left corner.

But again to the OP... no matter what DSLR you buy, you will have to clean your sensor if you change lenses.


That was exactly my point, if he is not willing to wet clean yourself every once in a while then I\'d avoid the D600. It\'s a great camera with an attitude

Aug 15, 2013 at 10:07 PM

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