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Re: Fujifilm X-Pro1 & XE-1 Image Thread

AbramG wrote:
I would like to see a full frame mirrorless camera option, but I worry that the lenses will be humongous. I\'m quite fond of the size of the X-Pro 1 and the focal lengths available are perfect for how I shoot personally. I just have the 18 and 35mm lenses (with an adapted Pentax 50mm I use on occasion now), and it works great for me. The 35 is a gem really, I got to know it really well on my trip and I definitely think it\'s a worthy lens for this system.

50mm can be a boring focal length to some, but I actually do like it quite a bit. 28/35/50mm are my favorite focal lengths for \"rangefinder-style\" shooting (based on my past experience with 35mm rangefinder cameras).

Yes, the lens size is what is worrying me too. The kit I have now (RX1, X-E1 with the 14mm and 55-200mm) is perfect for what I shoot. The size/weight is so nice compared to the Canon gear I used to have, and image quality is more than good enough for me, so I hope I can resist replacing it once a FF mirrorless is out. If I still feel this good about my Fuji gear when the 56/1.2 is released I\'ll probably buy one.

It\'s interesting how some people prefer 35mm and others 50mm. I have always been a 35mm person, but a friend simply can\'t enjoy it and always goes for 50mm.

Another from the weekend trip. X-E1 + Fuji 14mm as usual.

Uttian by Helena Normark, on Flickr

Jul 31, 2013 at 11:46 AM

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