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Re: Leica M8/M9/X1 Picture Thread

rscheffler wrote:

Don\'t send me a bill, instead buy through my B&H affiliate link

Keep up the M240 feedback! The start up would be annoying, since this also seems to be card dependent. That said, from what I\'ve read so far, the M240 should be snappier to use compared to the M9. That extra fps probably makes a pretty big difference. And for me, at something like a wedding, would be a big improvement.

The portrait and its colors look really good for ISO 3200.

Luka - great sets! Favorite from the first set is #7 and really like the Sokrates portrait. Congrats on your wedding too! Any bets on whether you or Adam will be the first with a kid?

Sorry, more playground photos, as that\'s what I have at the moment...

All with M9 & 21 SEM. The first two were cropped a bit, probably closer to 28mm equivalent FOV:

You know, I don\'t mind doing that, if I buy from BHphoto when I\'m in the states :P

More feedback on the M240, well I\'ve tried several cards, and startup is just slower then the M9/M9P for sure. BUT something may be wrong with my camera (or battery?).... This morning when I woke up, my camera was dead, I tried to off it (since I left it on S) and when I switched it back on, it said low battery. So I took out the battery and put a new one in (camera\'s fine now). But the strange thing is, when I put the camera in the drycab last night, I checked it, and the battery was 80%, and there wasn\'t anything pushing down on the shutter button, so by all rights the camera should have turned off. And EVEN if it didn\'t, I don\'t think 8 hours of metering would drain the battery, considering I get 3 days of use out of one charge. Thoughts?

I think Luka, pending his love of kids... My wife isn\'t looking to give up her fun lifestyle just yet.. And frankly, I\'m kinda thinking diaper bills vs Noctilux funding

BTW Congratulations Luka!

Great shots BTW, I\'m working out in my head if the 18 may be a better choice then the 21, since I never use wides, and have a 28 which I wouldn\'t say is close to the 21 FL, but it gets the \"wide jobs\" done. Read Boris\' take on it, and am just browsing flickr casually this month and next (since I\'m working to much, the honeymoon has been postponed till Oct.)

Since you were interested in colors, I figured I\'d post up a night shot.. Just a snap, while waiting for my wife to finish up her nail apt. bored @ 3200 (50/1.4)

Jul 26, 2013 at 02:43 PM

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