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Manual Focus Nikon Glass

RM, I\'m inclined to agree with Leighton about the rangefinder. Yes, this thread began because of my encounter with these interchangeable lenses Nikon made and as you note continues to make. It took us awhile to get clear on the fact we wanted this forum to be reserved for those shooting with Nikon cameras but we arrived there eventually. In reality, the MF lenses we\'ve been enjoying come from technology that was developed and refined for use in rangefinder cameras. I\'d say the same criteria should apply... Nikon RF lenses mounted on Nikon rangefinder cameras.

Given the growing conversation about film, this seems like a fruitful exploration for those on the thread who are curious about the earlier developments. The camera you\'re considering is a rather special beast and I\'m sure it is quite expensive. Here is what MIR has to say about the camera and lens you\'re considering.


Nikon S3 Silver Year 2000 Limited Edition 50mm f/1.4 Brand New from Japan - $2,198

Happy shopping, whenever that happens... then happy shooting. I\'ll look forward to what that setup produces. You may start a whole new wave of spending by folks on this thread...

Kit building IS FOREVER...

Jul 16, 2013 at 03:41 PM

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