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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

DTOB wrote:
Curtis, I like you. You are good people.

I wish I could put words together like the others, but know this. I sit and look at each and every photo. And I smile. There is something special about seeing the world, exactly as another once did, in a time and place that will never be duplicated.

Great thanks to everyone who contributes, big and small.

Thanks Dylan. Frankly, I count this thread as one of the better things I\'ve done in my life. I find it easy to write but have often used by rhetorical skills for combat rather than for fostering comity. Here we have a larger purpose that can be seen as only laudable. I can\'t imagine doing battle over whether shooting with MF glass is troublesome in any way. Here we get to have a good time together even as we celebrate what these lenses are capable of doing, not only with the film cameras for which they were made, but also with digital cameras designed for the latest and greatest AF gear.

The way I look at this thread, all that is required is a willingness to be respectful and to contribute. And contribution doesn\'t need to include a great many words. You can leave it to me and Leighton to fill up the space with words... And, of course, Georg, who continually tells us about how poor his English is as he dazzles us with his eloquence in what is his second, or perhaps third language.

I hope you\'ve gotten the message Dylan, that we all love your work and prize your presence on this thread. So do what stirs your juices and share what you will. You\'re ALWAYS welcome on this thread.

Jul 16, 2013 at 04:38 AM

  Previous versions of CGrindahl's message #11683229 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »