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My Garden Layout & Sweet Popping Surprises!! (10)

Hi PhotoFriends!

My garden has been in colorful firework pop mode But there is still many more new perennial flowers to open and bloom. Soon my big garden bed will have lots of 6-8 foot yellow flowers as my favorite red Monarda dies off

Glad to see you are all prepared wearing your worn out garden clogs and sun hats, you really have learned well Let me thank you again before we start walking backwards to get a view of my biggest garden section from a distance. I do have smaller sections here and there too.

Pix 1...
Taken with Canon S90..

Look to the left and you will see a red HollyHock, short purple Monarda, white Shasta Daisies, cream Bachelor Buttons, thyme, gobs of basil (I got to eat too , white Shasta Daisies, tall red Monarda and pink ConeFlowers. In back of Coneflowers is my 6 foot Hibiscus which will bloom a little later.

In back of the geese is Rosemary and the 8 foot plant is my Cup Plant it will eventually have yellow flowers that the butterflies love.

To the right that circle with a tree will soon be just summer phlox colors of pink and white. And the tree is a hot pink Crape Myrtle soon to bloom.

I will share that again when its in full bloom.

And there is more in the far back but leave that up to your imagination Yes Monarda and more Monarda etc...

Pix 2...
Taken with Canon S90..

Here is the same area as Pix 1 but showing more to the left front.
You can see my red Montbretia. I have tried time and time again and can\'t get a good picture of that flower.

Pix 3...

Early Spring I like to pick out some flowers seeds to experiment with. This Spring I planted African Daisies.
They are 1 1/4 inches wide.

Pix 4...

Another African Daisy (2 of 2)

Pix 5...

Here is a Black Eyed Susan.

Pix 6...

Here is a Red Hot Poker without the RED They are about 6 to 7 fee high.

Here are four different colors of my Summer Phlox.

Pix 7...

My Phlox varies in size. Some reach up to 6 feet tall. Individual flowers are about 1\".

Pix 8...

Purple Summer Phlox.

Pix 9...

Light Pink Summer Phlox.

Pix 10...

White Purple Combo Summer Phlox.

I bet you all are looking forward to a nice nap in the cool air conditioning

Thank you again for always stopping by and saying hi.

Hope you enjoyed my longer garden tour and photos.


Jul 13, 2013 at 09:52 PM

  Previous versions of BeeBalm's message #11678618 « My Garden Layout & Sweet Popping Surprises!! (10) »