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Re: NEX Images Thread

ebookman wrote:
dkerins wrote:
I took the three philips screws off of the adapter, on the face that meets the lens. I can turn that silver plate relative to the rest of the adapter but there are only three drilled holes so the plate can only be in three possible positions. And in fact the holes on the two pieces of the adapter only properly align in one of the three possible positions. There doesn\'t seem to be a way to tweak the alignment of the lens and adapter by shifting the two parts of the adapter.

I think I may have a manufacturing dud.

It sounds like you removed the silver mounting ring from the end of the adapter. If there are set screws they will be on the side of the adapter on the black barrel. I just looked at one of mine, a FOTGA. They look like empty holes as the screws are quite deeply set. The adapter ring stays in place. As I said, some just can\'t be adjusted.

it\'s mostly just m39 to e-mount adapters that have set screws like you describe. none of the pen-f to e-mount adapters i\'ve seen have set screws.

dkerins my pen-f adapter has the same quirk (it\'s an RJ one), it never really bothered me so i had forgotten. i was shooting with it this morning but didn\'t remember it was misaligned till went back to look right now. i suspect they just didn\'t have the correct specs for the pen-f mount when they made the adapters (could just be a quality control issue too).

Jul 06, 2013 at 11:13 PM

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