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Re: Leica R Series Lenses

rscheffler wrote:
zhangyue wrote:
I never realize AF can be this useful until I am after 135mm and slow lens like f4 with relatively poor designed Leica zoom\'s focus ring (compare their prime) that is not helping. I am sure I can improve myself on this. Just this is very new to me.

This is why I shoot my M system 50mm and wider with a Canon and a 70-200 as a second, complementary camera, at least for events involving a fair amount of movement/people. The concession is that it\'s not Leica or Zeiss glass, but IMO a lot of the latest Canon lenses aren\'t that far off. In addition to AF, image stabilization is a huge, huge benefit to quick, spontaneous shooting without having to think a lot about focus. Like you, I find it very, very difficult to eyeball focus 70/80mm on a current DSLR (I\'m using the 1DX). At 50mm and wider, I don\'t find I quite miss IS as much and while this is an entirely different topic, find RF focusing to be fast and accurate enough. I\'d thought about getting into ZE lenses, but knew I\'d have problems manually focusing them on the fly.

Ron, Yes, M is great for wide to 50mm, and especially great for shooting stop down with some distance, a great system.

TBH, Canikno lens might be just as good, and user skill largely offset any advantage of Zeica if there is any especially post process skill.

One thing it will take away is the fun part of photography and in some application, AF is just not needed. Thank god I am not a pro that need bring food on table from photography, otherwise, it will be all Canikon 2.8 zoom in my bag , they make job done.

Roni1948 wrote:
Depending on the type of scene I\'m shooting, I often just switch over to live view and precisely manually focus the lens in magnification view - works perfectly every time.

Yes, the key is “Depending on the type of scene I\'m shooting”. Stop down meter will be a big headache. Assume we are in beach at some exotic place, you want shoot your kids or other half play around at beach with aperture at f5.6, f8, are you going to say wait there, keep that smile, let me focus LV, even focus WO and stop down aperture is very awkward

21-35mm with 6D at ISO8000

Jul 02, 2013 at 06:17 PM

  Previous versions of zhangyue's message #11656519 « Leica R Series Lenses »