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Re: Sony RX1 FF Mirrorless (fixed lens)

douglasf13 wrote:
naturephoto1 wrote:
douglasf13 wrote:
I think the grip on the Fotodiox looks like it will work better for me than the RRS version, for the reasons millsart stated, and the whole thing looks a little less bulky. The tripod differences shouldn't bother me.

It would make a huge difference for me. There is no comparison between the full RRS grip and L bracket compared to the Fotodiox.

The Fotodiox is basically a grip with a bottom that has a 1/4-20 tripod thread. Yes it is less expensive, smaller, and more compact. Unless you add an Arca Swiss plate you must screw that Fotodiox to the tripod thread and you must orient the tripod head for either horizontal or vertical orientation. In the case of the RRS Grip and L bracket, you have the grip and an Arca Swiss type plate on the bottom and the left side of the camera. This is more expensive, and more substantial. The RRS Grip and L allows for mounting the camera to an Arca Swiss type clamp in either the horizontal or vertical orientation quickly and surely.


Sure, but size and weight is one of the major appeals of the RX1. Fotodiox could have left off the tripod mount altogether, and I would still buy the grip. If I'm bringing a tripod along with this tiny camera, I could just toss an Arca Swiss plate in my bag, if I used that system. This camera is small and light enough that I personally wouldn't even bother with an Arca Swiss setup.


That is your choice. I even use L brackets on my Canon G9 and G10. As far as I am concerned makes mounting the cameras on the tripod in either orientation much faster and surer that screwing the camera to a tripod thread and having to then adjust the head in either orientation. I have never handled the Sony, but I would suspect it to be larger than the Canon G series cameras.


Jul 01, 2013 at 09:00 PM

  Previous versions of naturephoto1's message #11654599 « Sony RX1 FF Mirrorless (fixed lens) »