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The Home Tree ...for leopards

Greetings, this short set is from a Serengeti safari this past April. We were fortunate to find this isolated tree serving as the temporary home to a female leopard and her two cubs. The Sausage tree sat alone, about a quarter mile away from a brushy and tree-lined tributary. Its position was perfect for the mother leopard to come and go from, knowing she could safely leave her cubs alone as it was off the normal routs of other predators.

We were in this area for a week of our safari, allowing us to observe them on different days, and photograph them in varied morning and evening light. Our efforts were rewarded with affectionate displays between the mother and cubs, and playful moments while the cubs were alone. The time spent photographing this leopard family was very special, yielding lots of images and priceless memories to go with them.

The first image is from our very first sighting at daybreak - as stormy skies cleared and the sun broke through …illuminating the tree from a distance, and the subtle silhouette of a leopard. All images full frame in at least one dimension.

For those interested, I have a recap of the safari on my blog, with additional images.

Thanks for looking, comments welcome.

All the best,


Serengeti safari recap, April 2013

Jun 29, 2013 at 05:58 PM

  Previous versions of blueimage's message #11650449 « The Home Tree ...for leopards »