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Re: how did you choose your style?

I prefer to think of \'approach\' as separate from \'style\'. My approach to wedding photography is something that came about pretty naturally and is very much informed by my general outlook in life. I like authenticity and I value integrity and as such I see wedding photography as a venture that, at heart, is concerned with the presentation of reality. That said, I\'m not a follower of trends and have something of an outspoken streak so I\'m happy to \'present reality in it\'s best possible light\'. To that end, while I\'m not looking to manipulate things left right and centre, I am always trying to decide \"How does this look best? From the left, the right or the centre?\".

As far as my post processing \'look\' goes, this is often what people mean when they talk about \'style\'. For me, that is in part a simple aesthetic bias and in part a reflection of my approach. My drive for authenticity pushes me towards a post processing approach that isn\'t heavily \'on-trend\'. I\'m interested in a look that lasts, something for the ages, rather than something that is in vogue today but will date tomorrow. To this end, I like black and white that has a certain filmic quality to it. I have it in for VSCO. As for the aesthetic bias, well that\'s simply what looks good to me. I like black blacks, white whites but not an absence of graduation in the middle. As for colour, I come back to the \'presenting reality in the best possible light\' metaphor. I want things to look fairly realistic, but perhaps ever so slightly hyper-real. Not so much that it screams, but just enough that the world looks more glorious than we remember it. Accurate white balance, rich colour.

That\'s pretty much it. Like I say, approach and post processing style are somewhat seperate concepts for me, though undoubtedly, one informs t\'other.

Jun 27, 2013 at 10:37 PM

  Previous versions of tonyhart's message #11646913 « how did you choose your style? »