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Re: D400 in August ...

Fingerstyle78 wrote:
Personally $2K for a AP-C camera is just too much for me. You can get a refurbed D800 for $2350 and have the option to shoot in crop mode at 1.2x/25MP/6FPS or 1.5x/15.6MP/6FPS (I\'m not 100% on these frame rates). Both of which speeds your buffer as well.

The biggest reason I got away from DX was because the lineup of serious lenses was pretty thin for my needs. If you shoot birds- FX glass on DX is great. If you are into landscape, you don\'t want to be stuck in DX. That\'s why they have the FX/DX option on the D600, D700 and the D800 I suppose. My Samyang 14mm did alright on on my D7000, but the FX format really takes the blinders off and takes full advantage of that lens. I have the D600, my GF has the D800. Basically the D400 would be the D800 without FX. For the extra 300 bucks (on a refurbished D800) over the hypothetical D400 I\'d rather have FX capability as well. Just my two cents.

The x1.2 fps is 5.5fps.

I think for the D400 you have to look at sport shooters and birders. The most popular camera at present for those activities is either the D3s or D4, both far too expense for the majority of people. The D7100 doesn\'t cut it with that frame rate and especially the buffer - unless Nikon plan on bringing out a \'GT\' version !

So in effect what I\'m saying is there is a huge hole where an affordable sports/birding camera should be (I use the D800E for birding and don\'t find it restrictive at all for birding but remember that the effective pixels on subject at x1.5 is roughly the same as a 16MP sensor, not 24MP).

If Nikon were to bring out this fabled D400 (say 8-9fps, deep buffer, AF-S button, 24MP and other missing pro specs from the D7100) I\'d be all over it and sell my backup D600 in an instant).

Jun 27, 2013 at 10:38 AM

  Previous versions of Frogfish's message #11645705 « D400 in 2014 or Bust »