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Re: d5100 + Swiss/Netherlands/UK trip - Lens Recommendation?

A touch of realism here Caleb, you are not going to suddenly find a gem that combines width for interiors, with reach, with speed for low light .... and if you did it would cost an arm and a leg. So everything is a compromise, you need adequate to good quality in an \'all-in-one\' lens, or 2 lenses, or drop your requirements for reach (which IMHO you will regret touring those countries (I\'m from the UK and have lived and worked in both the NL and Austria so know the typical subjects you will find). Decide which route you want to go and choose the lens from those suggested that meets your criteria.

You are looking for a lens that does low light, does not require a tripod, is great for landscapes, cities and people and so on .... there is no perfect solution to that conundrum.

The only other option is maybe e.g. a 70-300 VR (Nikon or Tamron) and a MF wide, which is of course a 2 lens solution but will be cheaper than 2 x modern AF lenses, though I still think the 18-105 or as suggested the 16-85 or 18-200 are the nearest you will find to your perfect lens. If you buy used then sell on your return you will not lose much, if anything, and can then start building the kit you want.

I used the Tamron 17-50/2.8 for 2 years, it is a fine lens and I shot people events with it, very sharp with slightly muted colours (easily fixed in PP), the Sigma is very similar both in IQ and build quality. As with all lenses be very aware of sample variation, both of those models have been shown to have inconsistent QC..

Tripod - for both landscapes and night shots it is an essential item so again if you don\'t want to take even a light tripod then you will be compromising somewhere along the way. Personally I\'d take one and leave it in your room until you are sure you need it.

Good Luck and have fun !

Jun 26, 2013 at 02:50 AM

  Previous versions of Frogfish's message #11643329 « d5100 + Swiss/Netherlands/UK trip - Lens Recommendation? »