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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

leighton w wrote:
leighton w wrote:
Thank you Georg and Jeff!

Rafael - I rather like the first B&W image of the steam tractor, you captured it well. Ever since I saw some images from you around a month ago with the 5.8, I\'ve been very interested in it. You\'re right about the 3d rendering, which is the attractiveness of it. But I could have sworn it was the f2 version and not the 1.4 seen here, am I right? I believe the images I am referring to were of an old PU truck.

rafaelcasd wrote:
You remember well Leighton, the 5cm 2,0s at 2.0 does the best job I have seen so far in separating the subject plane from the background in a 3d like way, because the subjec plane t is well in focus and the background is just out of focus in a smooth way. The 5.8cm so far seems best at giving an effect of the center very sharp at 1.4 with the rest fading away, but the in focus area is smaller.

Would be interesting to compare with the 50/1.2 at the same aperture.

I am getting interested in running a comparison of images between all my 5X mm lenses at full aperture for depiction of portraits and large objects against the backgroung. Part of the problem here is that there are so many combinations of subject size and distance, and background distance that no test can be truly conclusive...... but it would still be fun to do.

Jun 25, 2013 at 02:37 AM

  Previous versions of rafaelcasd's message #11641124 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »