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Re: D400 in August ...

NathanHamler wrote:
ytwong wrote:
I don\'t think he has good track records in predicting Nikon products...

This. My bet is the D400 never happens.

The D7100 has 24mp, a 1.3x crop ability, dual cards, the same AF system from the D800/D4, and \"D800 level weather sealing\".......this IS the \"D400\".....

The fact that everyone still wants a D300/D700/D800 size body, faster frame rate, and a deeper buffer means NOTHING to Nikon....they\'ve already release their flagship DX body.....deal with it.

There\'s thousands of people (like me) who will eventually switch to canon if that\'s the case. I can\'t afford a D4 so I\'ve been waiting for the d400 for years. There hasn\'t been a true upgrade to the d300s. Sure the d7100 is the \"flagship\" for now...why cant we want the same size body? i dont want to go thekugh the menu to change white balance, wheres the AF on button? theres a bunch of little things like that im waiting for. Theres no professional grade dx body other than the d300s. I\'m waiting for canon to release the 7D MK2 and I just might switch

Jun 24, 2013 at 04:21 PM

  Previous versions of Kyyo24's message #11639830 « D400 in 2014 or Bust »