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Re: First Post here- Under the milky way

Sneakyracer wrote:
Hi! Nice image but. It\'s odd to see a few stars in the water. I would revise the compositing since they should start fading out as they get closer to the horizon. Also, the opening of the cove looks way wider than it is in real life. I realize you were probably right next or close to the wooden bridge on the path but even with a 14mm lens you would see the bluff on the north side of the cove with the evergreens. I like that it was low tide since more rocks are showing which is nice. The vegetation on the bottom looks way out of focus and/or blurry. If you are going to do a composition of several images anyway might as well make one capture of the foliage in the foreground so it comes out nice since its a big part of the composition.

thx for posting!

Thanks for pointing out the stars in the water, I didn\'t even notice. My blending skill is still not very good, need to learn more about it.

About the foreground, I didn\'t change anything except cloned a little cliff out on the right left corner. This picture was blended from two images, for night photography, this always my case. Foliage in the foreground was not easy to get focused in the dark.

Again, thanks for pointing out about the stars, I will fix it.


Jun 17, 2013 at 04:15 AM

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