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Re: Ricoh GR Image Thread

HI guys,

I was at a local product demo with Pentax, among others present. The rep had the GR and GW3 wide angle accessory with him and I grabbed a few shots with it.

First of all the GR is a really great size. Small enough, but comfortable to hold. That said, the GW3 makes the camera quite a lot larger and the extra glass is a noticeably hefty addition to the svelte camera. I would say it's similar in size, if not larger around the lens, to a GXR with CV15 attached (comparable angle of view too). Looking at the results, the lens looks to retain quite good central sharpness and also not bad in the plane of focus (at least at near distances) towards the edges. HIgh contrast transitions towards the edges pick up some glow, as do out of focus areas with the lens wide open. There's also pretty significant CA in high contrast areas towards the edges, but improves as the lens is stopped down. Stopping down to f/4 helps quite a lot to improve edge performance. The combo also seems to increase barrel distortion somewhat. Would I get one? I think it's OK optically but the size is a turn off. I also haven't decided on the camera yet... it's tempting, but something is just holding me back. Maybe I'll wait until the new Leica 'Mini M' is confirmed to be a dud.

BTW, the Nikon rep had the new 'A' camera along too. It's nice, but I definitely like the size/feel of the GR better. It's a really compact feeling, snappy to use camera. I just have to convince myself I actually have a need for one.

Please forgive the lack of artistic motivation in these images below. Full-rez jpegs converted from DNG via LR 4.4 can be downloaded as an 85MB zipped file. Due to user error with exposure settings, some of the files were a bit under, which I pushed in post, therefore they might be a bit noisier than expected (no luminance NR was applied).

A few 100% crops:

Jun 07, 2013 at 10:34 PM

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