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Re: Sigma USB Dock in Stock for $59!

Lasse Eriksson wrote:
JohnDizzo15 wrote:
Lasse - I think Photonic\'s concern is that the adjustment dock values may not exactly equate to what the canon values are. i.e. would +1 be exactly the same amount of adjustment through the body\'s AFMA as it would through the dock and into the lens directly.

This is a valid question although my belief is that Sigma would have extensively tested this already before putting the dock to market.

As far as trusting FoCal or other software equivalents, the answer is simple. You are testing a particular lens with a particular body. The software is measuring for that exact setup and telling you exactly what changes need to be made based on the test shots it takes with that body/lens combo. You are then putting that value into where the software intended the value to go as opposed to making the changes through another software (Sigma\'s), entering the value into another device (lens), via another device (dock). The question Photonic has is different from this in that he wants to know whether the values are identical since you are now introducing additional elements into the equation.

Yes I understand that. But Sigma have a different dock for each brand and lens-mount. They also have +20 and -20 adjustment exactly like Canon.
Do you really belive they have not tested and tried it together with Canon bodies? And that they just made up some numbers that are very different from Canon\'s? So everyone making adjustment will get it wrong? Because +5 in sigma would be like +12 or +9 with Canon?

Please see second paragraph of my previous post in response to your question of whether I believe they would do that.

Jun 06, 2013 at 08:42 PM

  Previous versions of JohnDizzo15's message #11603559 « Sigma USB Dock in Stock for $59! »