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Re: leica vs zeiss

Thank philip_pj you for very thorough and detailed \'dissection\' of my test images. I absolutely agree on ZF 2/35 characteristics. It\'s my favorite Zeiss lens and what is does with dimensionality, it does exceedingly well.

I feel that this thread should be called \'Leica & Zeiss\' as both brands have great glass and to me it would be difficult to pick up one over another.
Point in case; Cron-R 50 and Zeiss MP50 infinity shots I posted somewhere else show that one lens can be better than the other at specific distances [yes, it is possible - sebboh wrote: I should also point out the rokkor is sharpest at infinity while the other lenses are sharpest at mid distance.]
, but both are fantastic overall.

MP50 at f/8 at 0.6km distance ; no lens profile correction and minimum ARC sharpening.

MP & Cron-R or the other way around

Jun 06, 2013 at 05:09 PM

  Previous versions of JaKo's message #11603100 « leica vs zeiss »