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Re: Leica R Series Lenses

Thank you Mescalamba!

Great capture Jean Jacques! The closest I ever came to Mont Blanc was my fountain pen

Michael, yet again I must admit I admire your portraiture. Your images are nicely soft in a positive way.
I find that shooting fast lenses WO produces such unique images that adding any extra/excessive PP just makes them look more cartoonish, if anything.

BTW, an immaculate copy Minolta Rokkor PG MC 58/1.2 for my new, not produced yet mirrorless FF camera will arrive soon, thanks to you! Seriously, I considered Nikkor-Noct 58/1.2 for a while, but finding anything in a decent shape is a rarity, so I just grabbed very pristine copy of Rokkor for a future use. Once you get your Rokkor I hope you let us know how it stands against Nikkor 50/1.2 AIs.

I doesn\'t always rain in Pacific North West! Shooting into the sun this evening.

Jun 06, 2013 at 05:48 AM

  Previous versions of JaKo's message #11602170 « Leica R Series Lenses »