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Re: Sigma USB Dock in Stock for $59!

My concept of a global number was prefaced by \"In a perfect world.....\" Trust me I understand your point. I was unaware of the video about the dock and appreciate your mentioning it. After reviewing it, I am afraid the screen shots of the MFA adjustment only confirm what I suspected. The video uses the 30mm f1.4 for the example. The application gives you the option to input MFA adjustments for four different focus distance ranges. Each entry is expressed as an offset from nominal (+2, -4) for example. For the 120-300 I am guessing they will allow you to do this for a couple of different focal lengths (minimum wide and tele, more likely a few in between, let\'s say 3). That\'s 12 parameters that the user must enter and then download to the USB docked lens. The question is where do these numbers come from. When the lens is on the camera it is not linked to the application. The user will have to set the focal length to 120mm and the focus distance to minimum and then take a picture. Next they will need to review the image at max magnification or on computer to determine if the focus could use a little front or back adjustment. Repeat nine times, write down all the numbers, dismount the lens, connect to dock, enter numbers into the Sigma application. Way too tedious for me and perhaps many others. I really hope you are right and that I am characterizing this process as harder than it needs to be. Its not worth debating at this point. Let\'s just wait a day or two until someone can report back on the actual mechanics.

I have a Sigma 35mm on the way, and already own their 50mm, 85mm, 120-300 OS and 300-800. I have as many Canon lenses. I am not a brand loyalist and judge any given product based on its merits or deficiencies. I am generally very happy with Sigma\'s new direction but still willing to call them on what I view as poor moves. I am hoping they will continue to focus on (pun intended) image quality, robust build quality and long term reliability, and NOT lose sight of their value proposition franchise.

Jun 05, 2013 at 10:36 PM

  Previous versions of Photonic's message #11601268 « Sigma USB Dock in Stock for $59! »