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Re: Metabones Speed Booster

genji wrote:
freaklikeme wrote:
Nice shot, Taylor. I assumed you would have to shave the Cron since it had already been done on my copy. I guess I'll see if I have to shave the Elmarit, but it's not a big deal if I do. I'd probably hesitate to do it if I were working with a pristine copy, but the Elmarit is a user with a some dings and paint loss.

All my Leica R lenses are pristine, including the Summilux-R 35mm I bought from you three years ago.

freaklikeme wrote:
Nice shots as always, Michiel. I thought about going to C/Y route since the lenses tend to be cheaper and more plentiful on the used market, but I love Leica's 35mm lenses, so if I can get happy with one of them on the SB, that's where I'll stay.

I'll be very surprised if you don't like the Elmarit-R 35mm, it's one of my favorite lenses on full frame.

Long time no "see", sir. I hope all is well. I remember that Lux. That was the copy I couldn't bring myself to shave for the DsIII (or shave the DsIII's mirror). How's it been treating you?

I'm really looking forward to shooting the Elmarit again. When I first owned it, I was too hung up on getting f/2 or faster to give the Elmarit a fair chance, but when I look back at the test shots with it, I regret having turned it around so quickly. On the downside, I think I'm starting to horde 35mm lenses. I'm seriously considering picking up a ZF 35/1.4.

Jun 04, 2013 at 02:34 AM

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