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Re: Compact flash RAID

Bernie wrote:
Some of us are still shooting with cameras that have 1 CF slot... I haven\'t looked at the pricing if it\'s available yet -- or the speed of operation.

I would need to know if ALL the electronics are redundant. If anything is shared other than the pin holes, then there is a possible single point of failure.

I\'ve had the possibility of the camera messing up as well. If that happens, then no amount of redundancy on the card is going to help.

I\'m sophoting a single slot body as well although my stuff isn\'t really \'mission critical\' .

As it stands I don\'t see much use for the device , because of the things others have said above .
But what would be neat is to have a cf to micro SD adapter that could be told to send a raw to one card and a jpeg to the other (or indeed a duplicate raw file to both cards ) .
I\'d be prepared to take the speed hit on my 7D for that sort of function . Infact at the moment I shoot to an SD card in an adapter so I can load the files into my iPad when I\'m out . And there arnt that many times I really notice the speed hit enough to cause a problem .

Jun 01, 2013 at 04:55 PM

  Previous versions of Ian.Dobinson's message #11591910 « Compact flash RAID »