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Samuli Vahonen
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Re: ZE/ZF/ZM Images (Official Thread!)

Rodluvan wrote:
Nice one Samuli. Do you do photography for a living and sell sceneries as prints, or as only as a a lucky hobby/business bonus or not at all?

Thanks. I don\'t do anymore any \"pro stuff\". I already ruined one thing I really liked (computers&coding) by doing it professionally and I\'m not planning of ruining photography as well. From time to time I sell some images, but that is not my motivation for photography. Also I have been involved on some nature preservation stuff via my photography, thou not much.

Last year I started huge project, which will last about decade or so; I try to photograph the beauty of nature preservation areas in Pirkanmaa (Finnish wiki-page has more info, but is in Finnish). Almost all photos what I have posted here are part of the project. I\'m not so good in geography and to my surprise there were quite many MORE cities in Pirkanmaa that I did know of. Other surprise was that many of the nature preservation areas are in lakes. Due to this I have been learning skills to shoot from boat at this spring and summer, despite my irrational fear of being in small boats I also started coding the functionality of presenting nature preservation areas, but didn\'t yet have time to code anything else than nature preservation location functionality and functionality to show them on map. And added quite many of the nature preservation areas. So work is under progress, most likely I don\'t have motivation sit indoors in computer coding before the winter so don\'t expect any progress... link to work under progress: http://www.vahonen.com/photos/locations_show.php?LocationID=1001

Rodluvan wrote:
Edit: Had a look at your hompage.
Does Porrasjärvi mean Reindeer Lake (my grandparents house in Pajala had a place named Porrovaara close by, meaning, I think, Reindeer Mountain).

No, Reindeer Lake would be Porojärvi. Porras = step (like the steps in stairs), they maybe have named because the 3 lakes form some sort of steps how water flows from each lake to lake below it - honestly I don\'t know why they named it like this.

In word \"Porovaara\" the \"vaara\" doesn\'t mean mountain but big hill, which is not high enough to have zone on top without trees. If it would be high enough to have zone without trees on top of it would have \"tunturi\" in the end of the word. On geographical point of view there are no mountains in Finland - however work \"mountain\" is used in some place names (it\'s \"vuori\" in Finnish), however these are just hills, which have fancy name...

Carl Zeiss APO-Sonnar T* 2/135 @ f/2, 1/160s, [email protected]


May 30, 2013 at 02:11 PM

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