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Re: Print profile issues

Prints will never exactly match screen. The gamuts and contrast are different. When editing you can increase saturation in colors on screen in ways the printer inks can\'t match. The fact soft proof mode images look less saturated reflect at reality. In soft proof mode with \"out of gamut warning\" enabled colors the soft proofing can\'t display correctly get grayed out. Those areas on the print will differ the most; colors like deep reds and purples.

The best you can hope for is a \"perceptual\" match. That\'s when screen image and print, viewed separately are accepted as \"real / normal\" when viewed individually, which isn\'t too difficult because human perception adapts dynamically and a reproduction with full range of tone / detail and neutral colors where expected will pass the \"looks real\" test.

A good way to visualize how the gamuts vary is to shoot a photo of someone holding a MacBeth color check after setting Custom WB off a gray card in the camera. Then print it wihout any editing and the compare the color chart on the print with the original. That result will be \"par for the course\" for that printer\'s gamut.

The errors you want to look for in a test like that and you can correct are any color biases in the neutral gray scale patches. If for example you make the print and grey column on the chart which measure R= G= B with the eyedropper and look OK on calibrated screen wind up with a magenta bias on the print it would indicate a problem with the printer profile being used. The solution then would be either to: 1) Get a more accurate printer profile made; 2) add a green bias to the copy of the file used on that print to compensate for the printer\'s magenta bias.

May 22, 2013 at 12:17 PM

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