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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

leighton w wrote:
Thank you Curtis, Georg and Chuong.

Kevin - I like the second shot, it looks very \"old-timey\".

Rafael - I love the look of the first image of the old truck. That lens looks very interesting in deed and you also did a nice job in PP.

Philippe, great pine!

Dean, I will post more from the 5cm S this weekend.

Mark \"I agree - I love the \'draw\' of those lenses where the focal length is measured in cm...!\"

Curtis, I love the history behind us all, it is admiration for the people that preceded us, upon their love an passions we exist. I find it so interesting to meet my Filipino friends at work, named after Felipe II, a Hapsburg; with their Spanish names and traditions. The French who helped the American revolution, and by invading Spain enabled South American independence, yet 60 years later were invading Mexico. The Americans who expanded their territorial possesions by invading Mexico first, and later expanded their colonial reach by warring with Spain. The Germans, whose first Holy Roman emperor was Carlos I of Spain, aka Emperor Charles V. The American Natives whose blood we shed and we carry, and we continue to opress in Latin America. The grandsons of Queen Victoria: King, Kaiser and Tzar, who being family could not be kin.....and so on.....Mine is not a political stance, I hope and pray we are reaching the point where civilized people love each other and value our differences.

Peter, thanks for the comment, the vignetting of the 5 cm is natural. Love your dusty panos.

Is your dog for sale Ronny? It is so handsome.

This is about the 5cm S

This lens

nikon nikkor 5cm f 2 S D3 Taken with D200 by Rafael CA, on Flickr

It mounts as non-ai by slipping under the ai tab in my camera. There is no ai kit for it, if you cut the ring it will need a little tab added to mate the one on the camera as its diameter is small. It is the first normal for the F reflex, There were two versions only diff is 9 aperture blades early, six later. Mine has six.

Pictorial review here

\"In my 6-odd years behind the camera, Iíve not touched Photoshop; I prefer to use the unique rendition of different lenses to capture and/or create atmosphere and emotions. While the 50/1.2 AIs is really special, it just isnít the 5cm f/2 when it comes to rendition; I donít think any other lens is.\"

There is a review comparing it to the 50mm 1.8 AF here:

Here is two comparison shots one at 2.0 the other at 5.6, processing identical. Copied settings from one to the other, then adjusted the center exposure to the same brightness.

nikon nikkor nkj 5cm 2.0 S D3 water truck Ramona California at 5.6 by Rafael CA, on Flickr

nikon nikkor nkj 5cm 2.0 S D3 water truck Ramona California at 2.0 by Rafael CA, on Flickr

May 21, 2013 at 03:52 AM

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