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Tariq Gibran
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Re: Sony RX1 FF Mirrorless (fixed lens)

A few points...

Literally, the entire first half of this thread was about the unique design of the RX1 - FF 35 in a P&S form factor, no built-in vs built-in finder, no articulating LCD, small (for FF) lens positioned close to sensor and so on. ALL of the early discussion revolved around this design and it\'s suitability for individual users, particularly given the price. Everyone, almost to a person, suspected the lens would be great.

Most early samples did not really show how the camera performed at distance. Those that did, including some from Imaging Resource (which is usually more reliable than say DpReview as far as quality and lack of user error is concerned) did not leave a very encouraging impression that the RX1 was going to excel with infinity/ distance type shots IR:
or this series from dcfever:

Skp forward a few months when the RX1 started showing up in the hands of forum members and reviewers. More than one member here posted examples of lens decentering and image softness problems. Lloyd (digilloyd) also experienced lens issues with his sample. So, the infinity question gets a little muddy since there are a number of RX1\'s showing lens issues to begin with. With regard to infinity performance: Is the lens design itself the culprit OR is it just that a number of posted samples were taken by RX1\'s with defective lenses? One could argue that for the end user, the reason doesn\'t even matter if the chances of getting a well performing RX1 lens is not so great. For a $2800+ camera, it\'s also a bit much to NOT expect a potential user to base a purchase decision on posted samples by other users and review sites.

There simply were not a lot of encouraging infinity type tests out there for the RX1. Ron\'s test here in this current thread did not leave an overwhelmingly positive impression in this regard. He said \"I think the RX1 does pretty well at infinity, but it\'s not the best. It definitely, from my observations has some mid zone dip in resolution/sharpness\". From here:

For myself, it was not until I became aware of Tim Ashley\'s earlier review and infinity landscape shots that I saw that the lens on the RX1 was decent (perhaps a little better than decent) corner to corner with this type of subject matter.
There is a caveat though. Tim used a pretty high amount of sharpening to get his results. It does seem like the results from the RX1 are a little soft at distance (not as soft as what has been shown from problem RX1\'s though).

Anyway, I always do an infinity landscape type test with new equipment/ lenses before really using it for anything serious. There is very little difference - if any- with corner to corner sharpness beyond 5.6 with the RX1 and the DOF is quite great at F 5.6. Here was my test shot at 5.6 showing near and far objects. It was sharpened using the settings which Tim used (which is a much higher amount than I believe I have used on any previous camera/lens), even for distant landscape. I think the detail is there though.

100% crops:
Top Left Corner:


Center/ Background:

May 19, 2013 at 03:47 PM

  Previous versions of Tariq Gibran's message #11563807 « Sony RX1 FF Mirrorless (Original 2012 thread) »