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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Happy to know the 50-135 stayed in the family. It is a beautiful looking lens at a very fair price given its condition. I don\'t often mount my copy but I\'m never disappointed in performance when I do.

Jose, you definitely deserve accolades as the devil\'s adjutant... You\'re a very serious advocate for these lenses and back up your comments with first rate comparison shots as in your recent 105 and 135mm offering. Somehow I\'m not surprised with how well the Sonnar performed. I\'ve been delighted with the 105 f/2.5 P AI\'d I bought some months ago. It gives nothing up to the Gauss version. And yes, the 135 f/2 is in a class by itself... though I have to wonder how the 105 f/1.8 AI-s would fare. That too is a very sweet lens that produces a lovely bokeh. Perhaps another test is in order... I don\'t you own that lens... I just checked and you don\'t. But you DO have 32 manual focus lenses, including the two monsters at 600 and 800mm. That makes perfect sense given the fact you\'re an ornithologist. You need REACH to get to those birds...

Only two more MF lenses and you\'ll have caught up with me... I think I\'m finished buying... though I\'ve said that before...

May 19, 2013 at 12:24 AM

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